12 October 2019 05:49

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The cast of Gogglebox were put through their paces this evening as they struggled to cope with the twists and turns in horror movie A Quiet Place. The clip showed Emily Blunt and John Krasinski's characters walking in silence in order to stay undetected by a blinder monster with incredibly sharp hearing and fans watching at home couldn't help but comment on the Channel 4 cast's reaction. Gogglebox viewers in turmoil over Pete and Sophie One scene showed the family walking in silence as they walked through a forest. However the little boy was playing with a toy that suddenly made a loud noise attracting the monster to the family's position. Although the father ran towards his son to protect him, at the last minute the beast emerged from the shadows and snatched the boy.

Gogglebox: ‘Calm down Pete' Viewers in hysterics as cast terrorised in hilarious moment

As they watched the scene, Pete and Sophie and Jenny and Lee jumped out of their skin.