06 December 2019 12:52

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  • Video A former power station's cooling towers have been demolished in a series of controlled explosions.

Video A former power station's cooling towers have been demolished in a series of controlled explosions.

TOWERS DEMOLISHED: Click here for our video collection WATCH the towers come down. Video by YouTube user Only_ME: Ironbridge cooling towers demolition The towers were brought down at 11am, with the work expected to be completed by midday. Site developers Harworth said the demolition went exactly as planned. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

A bang, then they just toppled. pic.twitter.com/lPyVn7OzQT — Mat Growcott (@MGrowcott_Star) December 6, 2019 It cost more than £10 million to destroy the four 120-metre high cooling towers. Explosive charges were planted on a black ring close to the bottom of each tower, each with sufficient power to blow away the metal-framed legs which held the towers up. Latest photos from Ironbridge: Tess Thomas and Deven Oakley on the grill for punters at Home Farm LAST COPYRIGHT SHROPSHIRE STAR STEVE LEATH 06/11/2019..Ironbridge Power Station demolition. Up at Home Farm..

Getting a good view up at Home Farm Getting a good view up at Home Farm Jo Moule from Bewdley People were up early to claim the best spots to watch this morning's demolition A last look at the towers this morning before they are demolished Iain Thompson, head of communications speaks to the media Iain Thompson, head of communications gets set for the blast LAST COPYRIGHT EXPRESS&STAR TIM THURSFIELD 06/12/19.Ironbridge cooling towers being demolished today.. Menacing skies over the towers Operations on site Although there were no official viewing points, crowds gathered as close as they could to see the spectacle. A free park and ride was in operation because of limited parking and road closures. A 350-metre exclusion zone was in place along with road closures. Residents who lived close to the cooling towers were advised to close their windows, avoid hanging washing out and to keep their children and pets in doors ahead of the explosion.

We've deployed water quality monitoring equipment on the Severn at #ironbridge checking no pollution issues occur as result of power station demolition this morning. pic.twitter.com/UkCPtY2I2f — Dave Throup (@DaveThroupEA) December 6, 2019 Some dust was expected to travel. People with respiratory conditions were advised to stay away from the blowdown and to stay indoors. The Ironbridge power station opened in 1969, but stopped generating electricity four years ago. The towers are now being cleared to make way for new homes and leisure facilities.

Four cooling towers that have been part of the Shropshire landscape for 50 years are being demolished today (6 December). Viewers have been sending us their best shots and memories of the Telford landmark: One woman will be especially sad to see the cooling towers be demolished. When she found out they would be cleared Sophie Anderson from Telford got a tattoo of the four towers at Ironbridge on her ankle. Sophie said that the towers have always been a big landmark in her life and are her favourite place in Telford. She says they hold a lot of childhood memories because when she couldn't sleep her mum would take her to the towers, or the chimneys as she liked to call them. She says she has no regrets about the tattoo of the cooling towers because they mean so much to her. Video A former power station's cooling towers have been demolished in a series of controlled explosions. Hundreds gathered to see the four towers at Ironbridge, in Shropshire, be blown up at 11:00 GMT. When it opened in 1969, the power station was one of the largest of its kind in the UK, producing enough electricity for the equivalent of about 750,000 homes. It stopped producing in 2015 and will ultimately make way for about 1,000 homes, a school, shops and other infrastructure.