14 October 2019 21:52

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Vinnie Jones broke down in tears in his first TV appearance since the death of his wife Tanya, as he revealed how she told him not to grieve for her in a letter. The footballer-turned-actor also praised Tanya for not seeking fame over the years while commenting on the current feud between footballers' wives Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy. Tanya – Jones' wife of 25 years – was 53 when she died on July 6 following a years-long battle with cancer. Jones, 54, told ITV's Good Morning Britain that he and their daughter Kaley found a letter from Tanya that said: "Don't grieve, I'll be waiting for you." Vinnie Jones has given an emotional interview following the death of his wife Tanya earlier this year. The actor, 53, became emotional during his appearance on Good Morning Britain as he spoke about how he has been coping with the tragic loss.

Tanya passed away in July after suffering from skin cancer for six years. Vinnie said he was trying to cope by "keeping busy". "We've had some unbelievable emails and messages… and it's made a difference," he told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. "Whenever you think you've got a problem, and however bad it is, or however hard it is, there is always somebody around the corner with worse or bigger problems. That's why you have to talk about it." 'The hardest part of it all for me to adjust to is everybody's life goes on.

You're looking around and you go, 'this is the biggest tragedy of your life'.' Vinnie Jones speaks for the first time about losing his wife Tanya to cancer, aged just 53. pic.twitter.com/QM5WmfTBnI — Good Morning Britain (@GMB) October 14, 2019 The former footballer admitted the hardest adjustment for him is the fact that "everybody's life goes on". "You're looking around and you're going 'this is the biggest tragedy of my life and they're still going to work, they're they're still queuing up for Starbucks.' The enormity of it all is just heavy," he said. Vinnie and Tanya were married for 27 years. "Over the years, all the hospital treatments and that, I've slept in a room with her every night," he said. He added: "She'd always say to me, 'You'll look after me Vin, won't you.' That's the hardest thing, you can't fulfil your promise." Struggling to hold back the tears, he spoke about a letter that Tanya wrote to their daughter Kaley, 32. "That [letter] said, 'Don't grieve, I will be waiting for you.' I've got something to look forward to… and she's waiting. "That's what you deal with, that's the best way to do it. That letter has made my daughter very strong. She's now leading and taking up the reigns." Frederick M. Brown Getty Images Viewers have been sending messages of support to Vinnie on Twitter. One viewer wrote: "Such a moving interview. Thank you Vinnie, your openness & honesty allows us all to remember what is most important in life. Love, family, friends." While another added: "There are no words adequate enough to express how I and I'm sure all the other viewers are feeling after watching the interview with Vinnie Jones. The emotion was so raw, honest and real. Strength and best wishes being sent your way Vinnie x." If you're suffering from bereavement, find out where to get help and support with this help page from Mind.