29 September 2020 14:40

Warzone Season 6

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 patch notes are live

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is here, and with it marks nearly a year of content updates for Modern Warfare. That's a lot of new maps, modes, guns, operators, and cosmetics. Following Season 6, Warzone's cross-game partnership with Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War will begin, possibly kicking off a new era for the game. But while the spotlight is still on Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward is bringing big changes to the Verdansk map, two new weapons, and a pair of operators that come straight from the campaign. You'll also want to check out the new Verdansk subway system, which links together key areas of the map to allow fast travel between them.

There's also a big new battle pass and a mode called Armored Royale, which makes your one lifeline for respawns a heavily armored truck that you must protect. Here's everything we know about Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6. When does CoD: Warzone Season 6 start? Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is live now. Considering the timing and usual run of Modern Warfare's seasons, this will likely be the last season before the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War. The Warzone Season 6 trailer showcases fancy new subways More importantly, we get a pretty good look at Verdansk's new subway system that will let players quickly travel across the map, provided they get there in one piece.

With the addition of a new limited-time mode coming in October, Season 6 is shaping up to be pretty big for Warzone and Modern Warfare. In the week of launch, we're getting the subway update to the Verdansk map, Armored Royale mode, two new operators and weapons, plus four maps in Modern Warfare. Later on in the season is the butterfly knife melee weapon, more modes in standard multiplayer, and the Haunting of Verdansk limited-time mode. CoD: Warzone Season 6 battle pass As always, the Season 6 battle pass will be available for 1000 CoD Points, or $10. If you burned through the Season 5 pass and earned the full 1,300 CP rewarded throughout, you can probably already pick up the next one at no additional cost.

Dropping 2400 CP instead will earn you the paid track plus 20 tiers already completed on the pass. The Haunting of Verdansk LTM is coming in October We don't know much about it yet, but we're getting a Halloween-themed event on October 20 called The Haunting of Verdansk. Infinity Ward could take the event in a lot of directions, but it sounds like ghosts will be in the mix somewhere. From the brief logo tease in the trailer and roadmap, expect the mode to turn the lights off in Verdansk to make these properly spooky. Subway systems will be the fastest way to cross Verdansk Verdansk's new subway system is a serious upgrade for players in a hurry.

Whether you're outside the zone finishing up a loot run or racing to a buy station to revive a buddy, the subway's fast travel network is likely to come in handy. Downtown/Tovorsk District Barakett Shopping District It's important to know that the train stops work like actual subway systems, meaning that hopping on the train at Lozoff Pass can only take you to its adjacent stations at the airport or stadium. Get ready for two new weapons, including a new marksman rifle Along with Season 6's map changes and modes are two new weapons, the SP-R 208 marksman rifle (or DMR) and the AS-VAL assault rifle. Here's what Infinity Ward has to say about the new weapons: "This bolt-action marksman rifle comes as one of the most accurate weapons in its class and with a breadth of customization options. From alternate ammo choices to bolt assembly changes and more, no matter how this weapon is configured, it's a powerful yet mobile tool for a marksman on the go." But as a marksman rifle, it stands out with its bolt action setup.

"This assault rifle, the 13th member of this weapon category, is a rare Soviet powerhouse chambered in subsonic 9x39mm ammunition and is pre-equipped with an integral suppressor. Meet the new operators, Farah and Nikolai The two new operators debuting in Season 6 both return from the Modern Warfare campaign, protagonist Farah Ahmed Karim and Nikolai. Farah can be unlocked immediately by purchasing the Season 6 battle pass, but Nikolai will take a bit more dedicated locked away and Tier 100. Armored Royale brings a little Mad Max into Warzone Forget subtlety and stealth, the new Armored Royale Warzone mode tasks squads with protecting their armored truck for as long as possible in last-truck-standing combat. In the normal Call of Duty life cycle, the release of a new game usually marks the end of meaningful support for the last one. We know that Warzone will continue to receive new content that will crossover into Cold War, but the fate of the Modern Warfare-specific updates like maps and modes is murky. Activision hasn't made any confirmation that more content will follow after the one year mark for Modern Warfare, probably because it's very busy promoting Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War. Updates and patch notes for the new season. Modern Warfare Season 6 introduces both the subway system in Warzone and a new Battle Pass. There's also a new collection of Operators and associated skins for you to unlock by purchasing, then progressing through, the Battle Pass. On this page you'll find the Modern Warfare: Warzone patch notes, which run through every change made to Modern Warfare and Warzone at the beginning of Season 6. If you want to learn more about Season 6, check out our guides on the Battle Pass skins and map changes. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 patch is out now, and features playlist updates, bug fixes, map changes, new operators, and more besides. Infinity Ward has run through the patch – which weighs in at an impressive 20 GB – over on the game's official site, highlighting just what's going to be different for anyone booting up the game today. Yesterday, we saw developer Infinity Ward offer up a pre-load of the massive patch to players on PlayStation 4. In terms of the big changes that have arrived in the game with the new Season, the subway system has been unlocked on the Warzone map, allowing you to fast travel and opening up new areas to engage in skirmishes with your fellow combatants. Two new operators, Farah and Nikolai "bring the fight underground" and can be unlocked via Battle Pass, too. Fix for a bug where, after reviving a teammate in Survival, there will be a 5 second delay before the user is able to use their weapon again (Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has deployed its sixth season of content, with a patch available to players on all platforms now activating a new sweep of maps, guns and operators, plus some exciting changes for Warzone. The biggest change coming to Warzone immediately is the addition of a map-wide subway system, which is slighty complicated in how it works but can get you around Verdansk much more quickly than before. Season 6 also refreshes the ground loot around Verdansk, and adds two new weapons - the SP-R208 bolt-action marksman rifle and AS-VAL silenced assault rifle, both unlockable through the free tiers of the new battle pass. Farah and Nikolai, familiar faces from Modern Warfare's campaign, are the new operators joining the fight. There will also be a significant tie-in with Halloween later in October, it would seem, with a night mode teased for Warzone and various skins and cosmetic unlocks available for a range of operators. A range of new maps are also coming to the multiplayer rotation, many of them adapted from the main Verdansk map, with new modes also joining the fray. You can read full and detailed information about all the changes on the Activision Blog and check Infinity Ward's patch notes for even more granular explanation. Bravo Six to readership, Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is out right now on all platforms. Drop into Verdansk and you'll find a brand spanking new subway system to commute on, new guns to pick up, and a new battle pass replete with goodies. The headline act this season is the subway system, a way for squads to fast travel around the map. Players will find plenty of loot on their way down to each platform, and if you've arrived on time, you'll be whisked away to your chosen location in a matter of seconds. Next up, Armored Royale is a new limited time Warzone game mode which sounds very Mad Max. Each squad spawns with an armoured truck, complete with turret and plenty of, well, armour. A quick mention to the new weapon rotation you'll find on the ground or in Supply Boxes. The battle pass is a good'un this season. There are two new free weapons to unlock: the SP-R208 marksman rifle (Tier 15) and the AS-VAL assault rifle (Tier 31). The assault rifle in particular has me intrigued, since it comes pre-equipped with an integral suppressor which frees up an all important slot for more attachments. If you purchase the premium version of the pass, you'll unlock Farah as an operator instantly and the opportunity to get Nikolai, but only if you reach tier 100. Oh, you can also unlock new songs to blast out of your speakers as you drive about. It wouldn't be a new season without a monstrous download size, taking up 57GB for those who own Modern Warfare and 25.5GB for Warzone only players. See the Season 6 patch notes for more.