30 August 2019 15:47

Watch New Music Video For “Someone You Loved” By Lewis Capaldi

lewis capaldi

Lewis Capaldi has released a brand new music video for number one song, Someone You Loved. Lewis unveiled the new video on Instagram, much to the delight of his fans. He writes "Here it is! The brand new video for 'Someone You Loved'!!! Watch it now, stick it on & let's have a big fat sexy cry." In true Lewis Capaldi fashion, he adds "Leave those tears below." Honestly, the video is heartbreaking.

lewis capaldi

Watch it below. The video is going down very well with fans. One writes "Obsessed with this and you. So proud!" Another says "Capaldi yet again a diamond in the rough with one of the best romantic songs ever." He even got a shout out from a famous Irish face. Niall Horan writes "Hollywood doesn't know what just happened!

Game on now." Fans are now calling for the pair to collaborate, with one joking "Collab or we riot." Now, that's one thing we're here for! (The collaboration, not the rioting. Please, don't riot. It's dangerous.) Lewis Capaldi released "Someone You Loved" back in 2018. Ever since it's launch, the track has swept away charts in every major country except one – the biggest of them all – the United States of America. The track is sitting at No. 11. Now Capaldi knows the potential of this track as he has seen it bringing success elsewhere, he's determined to give it another try – a much-needed push to conquer the US audience. So what has he come up with? Exactly what you thought – a new music video for the track. It will definitely help the track along with all the hype and awareness surrounding it, thanks to Capaldi's revival efforts. The US market is currently buzzing and Capaldi is doing the right thing by getting his track a bit more attention at this time. The original music video for this track was a bit depressing. Capaldi knew it won't work well with the US audience so he made it a bit more lively in the new video. It's still about life after a breakup and successfully shows another side of the song. Watch "Someone You Loved" new music video below. Watch New Music Video For "Someone You Loved" By Lewis Capaldi

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