22 January 2020 12:45

We can only know if there will be a meeting between the two Harry Styles.

one direction

Share it: Facebook Twitter Pinterest According to the typical viral theories that circulate on the internet and that we share occasionally in our social networks (guilty), we all have a double in this world. In the case of people who belong to the no 'celebs' side, it is more complicated to find ours. Think yours may be living in New Zealand! But when we talk about celebrities, the search turns out to be much simpler. Recently it was the clone of Ariana Grande who left us with an open mouth or the Spanish actress who could go through the twin sister of Aitana.

Today we have encountered that Harry Styles has finally discovered his 'doppelgänger'! – which for those who are not familiar with the term, comes to mean the identical double of someone. It was thanks to a video of Tik Tok, where a boy appeared putting drinks in the car service of a famous cafeteria. It was EQUAL. Same hairstyle with a moñete included, same tender features, same dimples in the smile … Instantly, this wonderful moment has captured the attention of social networks and, above all, of the fans of the artist, who do not doubt that they are like two drops of water. We're freaking out with double Harry Styles Such has been the surprise of the clients of the double of Harry Styles who have even asked him if he was the singer. Adding, in addition, that they were listening at the same time one of the songs from their new album 'Fine Line' – that if you have not heard it yet, I do not know what you are waiting for. We can only know if there will be a meeting between the two Harry Styles. Would we distinguish twice? We will continue to report!

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