18 July 2020 14:42

We'll see then, but today just wasn't good”, says Verstappen.


Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing did not have a strong day in Hungary on fridat. The Dutchman finished eighth in FP1 and in FP2 he drove only four laps in total. He was far from satisfied in the conversation with Olav Mol at the Ziggo Sport F1 cafe. Weather conditions played no role "No, it just wasn't right today. Dry and wet.

Verstappen is disappointed: "Then I don't want to drive another lap"

So we are now going to see what we will put on the car for tomorrow in terms of parts. We'll see then, but today just wasn't good", says Verstappen. "It just wasn't driving well, so I did not feel like driving another lap. So they've had two laps and then I thought I'm going in. It is not a lost day, but there is always room for improvement. Today was just a day where things were not going well. Hopefully we can solve a lot tonight", the Dutchman continues. The second free practice Verstappen says why he did few laps during the second free practice. "You always get a new set of intermediates for qualifying. They have not been warmed and that is always better. And you don't want to use full wets too much because there is a lot of chance of rain during qualifying and you only have three sets", concludes Verstappen.