03 November 2020 04:30

Well, at best, Farage is like Paul.

Nigel Farage may be right but only by coincidence. Remember the German octopus that kept predicting the winners in the South African World Cup of 2010? Paul, his name was. I've just looked him up. Well, at best, Farage is like Paul.

Don’t dismiss the return of Nigel Farage

Perhaps a pallid grey tentacle will point in the right way, perhaps not. Either way, you'd be a fool to assume he knows something you do not. Yesterday, writing elsewhere, Mr Farage declared that his Brexit Party is to rebrand as an anti-lockdown party called Reform UK. "The single most pressing issue," he wrote, along with the party's chairman Richard Tice, "is the government's woeful response to coronavirus." See, I told you he could be right sometimes. Is a Farage plan, though, the