09 November 2020 16:31

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller has revealed he won't be taking part in any new series of Prison Break. The actor appeared in all five seasons of the show as Michael Scofield who deliberately sends himself to prison to break his elder brother – Lincoln Burrows – out. A sixth season has been heavily rumoured, but it looks like Miller won't be appearing. Related: Prison Break season 6: New episodes, release date, cast and everything you need to know Explaining his decision in a lengthy Instagram caption, he responded to backlash he's received saying although he won't leave social media, he will be turning off the comments. He wrote: "I'm not concerned for myself.

Getty Images "Not bec of static on social media (although that has centered the issue). FOX Getty Images Related: Is Lisa Simpson queer? The 48-year-old previously ruled himself out of the rumoured sixth season with another Instagram post about the recent election. After publicly revealing his support for Biden-Harris, he urged anyone who didn't agree with his post to unfollow him and leave his page. Prison Break is available to watch on, while seasons 1-5 are also out on and.

Digital Spy has launched its first-ever digital magazine with exclusive features, interviews, and videos. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. If the heavily rumored Prison Break Season 6 ever materializes, it will be without its leading man. Wentworth Miller took to Instagram to drop the following bombshell: He will not return to the series. Miller revealed the news in a lengthy Instagram post in which he responded to backlash he's received of late.

Deactivate.' Etc," he wrote. He went on to address Prison Break. "Not bec of static on social media (although that has centered the issue)," he added in the post. "I just don't want to play straight characters. If you were a fan of the show, hoping for additional seasons... "If you're hot and bothered bec you fell in love with a fictional straight man played by a real gay one... While Dominic Purcell, Miller's co-star, has recently been teasing a sixth season, Miller recently said he had nothing to do with Prison Break. The actor shared a post about the recent election in which he supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, before stressing that he wanted the people who didn't agree with the post to unfollow him. If you watch Prison Break online, you know Miller played Michael Scofield, a man who gets himself incarcerated to break his brother out prison. The series lasted four seasons before being canceled by FOX, but it was later revived in 2017. In a 2019 interview, Charlie Collier, Fox Entertainment's CEO, said that the network had no plans for the show's return, despite rumors that a sixth season was on the way. "There's no plan right now to revive Prison Break or any of the other franchises, but when the creators come with a story that they think is the right time to tell, we are so ready to listen because those are some franchises of which I'm so proud and feel so fortunate that they're in our stable," he said. The recent teases from Purcell certainly hinted at a new season, but it appears that it will go on without Wentworth Miller should it return. Given everything that happened to Michael throughout the series, it's possible Purcell could lead the sixth season, and the lack of Michael could be explained by him living happily ever after with Sarah and his son. What are your thoughts on the news? UPDATE: Dominic Purcell has also ruled himself out of Prison Break Season 6. Prison Break season 6: Wentworth Miller no longer wants to play Michael, Dominic Purcell announces the end of the series We hope you have a good imagination, because the season 6 of Prison Break can only unfold in your head. Wentworth Miller announced it, he no longer wants to play Michael Scofield for a specific reason: the actor is gay and no longer wants to play a straight character. In fact, Dominic Purcell, who cannot imagine doing a sequel without his lifelong partner, has confirmed the end of the series. Last September, Dominic Purcell assured that a season 6 of Prison Break would soon see the light of day. On Instagram, the Lincoln interpreter had fun responding to rumors, including one that mainly concerned the future of the cult series," Rumor #1, I'm old. Rumor #3, a season 6 of Prison Break is going to take place. Wentworth Miller says goodbye to Prison Break This weekend, Wentworth Miller – the incomparable Michael Scofield, announced on his social networks that he had made a big decision for the rest of his career," I don't want to play heterosexual characters anymore. Their stories have already been said many times. In fact, in order to remain faithful to this new line of conduct, the actor – who came out in 2013, made the difficult decision to definitely say goodbye to the series which allowed him to make himself known to the great audience," So I'm leaving Prison Break. There won't be any more Michael. If you're fans of the show, hoping for additional seasons, I understand your disappointment and I'm sorry." Then, the comedian, who is already expecting some special comments, then made it clear with a hint of humor," If you're angry and frustrated because you've fallen in love with a straight character played by a real actor gay … that's your problem ". Dominic Purcell supports his partner At this time, it is not yet clear whether this decision to no longer play as Michael Scofield will also end Prison Break. After all, while it's hard to imagine the series continuing without the mastermind of this universe, this one has already proven to us that nothing is impossible with it (poke Sara's resurrection). However, one thing is certain, Wentworth Miller can now count on the support of Dominic Purcell. At first, the actor wrote him a nice message as a comment under his post," It was awesome. I understand and I fully support your reasoning. I'm glad you took this decision in accordance with your sanity and your truth ". Then, it was in video on his Instagram page that he reacted to the news to his community," Season 6 will not take place. I had a long, long discussion with Wentworth regarding his reasons for not wanting to take part in a new season. So it's official, season 6 is wrong. In any case, if it is to finally be done, it will be without Wentworth and me. A page in the world of series is turning and we can't wait to see what these two actors have in store for us.