05 January 2020 10:32

What do you think about Adele's weight loss and her vacation with Harry Styles?

Harry Styles & Adele spark dating rumours with Anguilla vacay but her 'skinny' leaves tongues wagging

Harry Styles and Adele sparked dating rumours with their vacation in Anguilla. While fans cannot believe the two were vacationing together, Adele's weight loss has left fans talking. Harry Styles and Adele have led to a social media meltdown. The British singers left fans in shock after photos of the two together vacationing at the beach hit the internet. The Hello hitmaker and the Watermelon Sugar crooner were seen having a great time at Anguilla, a Carribean island, shortly after the New Year.

While Styles and Adele's vacation has left fans wondering if something's cooking between the two, it is Adele's figure that has fans worried. In a photo from their vacation shared on Twitter, the Rolling in the Deep singer was seen wearing a polka dot dress and chilling on the sands. The photo has left fans talking about Adele's weight loss. Several fans took to Twitter to admit that Adele has lost too much weight and they are worried for her. i'm not saying adele has one but since we don't know what triggered that huge weight loss we should stop glorifying it:/ hope she's doing just fine," another fan noted.

"adele looking gorgeous as always and not giving a single f**k while people are too busy discussing her weight loss which is none of their business," a fan noted. What do you think about Adele's weight loss and her vacation with Harry Styles? ALSO READ: Harry Styles BREAKS his silence over his sexuality and he's drawing no fine line Adele and Harry Styles give birth to romance rumours after romantic getaway together The internet was left in a bit of a haze after Harry Styles and Adele were spotted holidaying together at a romantic location in Anguilla. Adele was seen donning her holiday glam and glow and a major weight loss with a polka dot dress and a red scarf as she dove into the sea while the Dunkirk actor was seen getting shelter from the sun as he chilled under an umbrella. Here and there, fans have seen photos of her out and about at events or hanging out with friends like Jennifer Lawrence, but the holidays cast the songstress back into the spotlight.

Since popping up at Drake's costume party, Adele has been on the scene and capturing the public's attention with her new look. Pictures hit the web showing Adele wearing a velvet gown and with a noticeably slimmer figure, and she was having a great time partying it up. The mom of one captioned a photo of herself on Instagram saying, "I used to cry but now I sweat," and followers wasted no time showering the chanteuse with compliments on her new look. Since then, she's kept up the sharing on social media and fans are happy about it. Christmas party photos turned fans into admirers Many wanted to know about new music, but everyone noticed how joyful she's been looking in her latest social media posts. Recent pictures of Adele hanging with Harry Styles alarm some fans Adele is clearly loving life right now, as evidenced by new pictures showing her on holiday with fellow British crooner Harry Styles and buddy James Corden. Adele can be seen smiling and frolicking on the beach, having a great time, and at one point, she even stopped to pose for some snaps with locals. While the cool friendship between Styles and Adele caught some off guard, some fans are more worried that she looks "too skinny" in the photos and are worried about her health. Adele & Harry Styles were spotted together in Anguilla, Caribe yesterday. People have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts about her weight loss, saying things like "I hope she's ok," "She looks too thin and doesn't look like herself," and "Is that Adele?" If there's one thing social media users can agree on about Adele right now it's the fact that she looks happy in every picture. Perhaps her glee will lead to the rumored release of new music that fans have been waiting for after her five-year musical hiatus.