27 October 2019 16:35

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Mercury's transit in front of the Sun is one of the rarest spectacles of astronomy visible from Earth. On the day of the transit, the closest planet to the Sun will pass directly in front of the star's glowing face. The transit will be visible from the UK and other parts of the world in November. What is this 'spectacular' black hole on Saturn snapped by NASA? A 30,000MPH space rock will skim the planet TONIGHT - Will it hit?

When is the Mercury transit 2019? From on our position on Earth, Mercury passes in between the Earth and the Sun only about 13 times every 100 years. The planetary transit typically occurs in May and November. The last Mercury transits were seen on May 9, 2016, November 8, 2006, and May 7, 2003. The upcoming Mercury transit will unfold on Monday, November 11. After that, astronomers have calculated the next transit will fall on November 13, 2032. READ MORE: This Hubble picture was taken from 80 million light-years away