29 November 2019 02:37

When it comes to gaming laptops, the Blade series from Razer is really as good as it gets.

Razer makes some really stellar gaming equipment, and included in that are the company's extremely powerful laptops. Right now for Black Friday Amazon has some really good tech deals, and Razer's laptops are part of the crop. You can save up to 17-percent on specific models of the Blade 15. And not just any Blade 15 but the most recent model that launched this year. When it comes to actual cost, prices will vary based on the model you pick.

Razer Gaming Laptops Are On Sale For Up To 17-Percent Off – Amazon Black Friday 2019 Deals

For example, the Blade 15 with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU will cost you $2,800 but it's normally $3,000. So you save $200. The lower-end model meanwhile will cost you $1,800, and this comes with the RTX 2060 which is still a really good GPU. Amazon even has the new Blade Pro on sale. This is the most expensive model and costs $3,200 normally, but right now it's down to $3,000. When it comes to gaming laptops, the Blade series from Razer is really as good as it gets. There's a lot of power behind the machine and they're super portable compared to most models. Thanks to Razer's thin designs and lightweight build. Most of the Blade laptops weigh almost nothing and are under 5 pounds, so you can easily carry them around in your backpack to and from school, LAN parties, and more. Advertisement Each Blade will be slightly different as Razer has made numerous configurations so you can customize them to your personal tastes. Want the most powerful GPU and the biggest hard drive? Rather have a smaller hard drive and a 1080P screen instead of 4K? You Got it. There are loads of options, and really the cost and configuration just comes down to the specs you want. No matter which model you choose though you'll be playing games at the highest settings. Razer Gaming Laptops - Amazon - Up To 17% Off