09 September 2020 00:30

Woojin Stray Kids K-pop

View this post on Instagram 또 하나의 추억 만들었어용! ㅋㅋㅋ We had such a great time and we were so grateful to meet STAY! Thank You Philippines!! You guys were amazing! ⠀⠀ #StrayKids #STAY #UnveilTour #Manila #Asiana K- pop idle Jungwoo and Woojin have been accused in a sexual harassment case.

The allegation against the "NCT 127" and "Stray Kids" member of sexual harassment surfaced overnight. Jungwoo is an idol who comes from the agency Big 3. Along with Jungwoo— another singer Kim Woojin who is a former member of the boy band Stray Kids, was accused as a sexual harasser who was stirring K-Pop fans. The news originated from the recognition of one of the account owners on Twitter who had received immoral acts from a Kpop idol who came from the big 3 South Korean agency. Facing the allegations, Woojin, with the initials woo appeared on social media and posted clarifications on his personal Instagram and Twitter accounts that denied any allegations calling him sexual harassment.

The singer and her new agency don't even hesitate to take legal action against those who spread rumors and gossip. Since the statement being released, a number of social media users actually showed counter attitudes towards Woojin. Even so, not a few fans gave him a defense saying the accusation was baseless because there was no evidence. The NCT 127, Jungwoo member was also accused of this immoral act. This is because Jungwoo also has the name Woo in his identity. Not only that, this 1998-born idol also comes from South Korea's big 3 agency, SM Entertainment. Many fans left strong reactions and defended Jungwoo. They judge, Jungwoo NCT's person is very innocent and it is impossible to do this. The accusations against Jungwoo were also considered an attempt to bring down NCT.