20 May 2020 22:31

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Gareth Southgate has lent some of his advice to pupils in lockdown across the country on 'National Thank a Teacher Day' for 2020. As teachers across the country are celebrated on Wednesday 20 May, the England boss recently gave his own thoughts on how he feels youngsters can best focus on learning. Speaking to maths teacher and England fan Bobby Seagull after the recent England lockdown quiz, Southgate revealed he believes all students should concentrate on their strengths in the classroom. "There's no limit to what's possible for people and very often we put a limit on ourselves," said Southgate. "If I think back to things like maths, which I wasn't particularly great at, you've just got to try and not focus on where you are compared to other people, but where you are and how you can improve yourself.

England boss Gareth Southgate gives advice to pupils on National Thank a Teacher Day

"If you are competing against yourself and constantly trying to improve that's better, rather than comparing yourself with other kids who are really good at a subject which can be dis-spiriting. "So making sure you're the best version of yourself would be my advice." Find out more about National Thank a Teacher Day 2020.