29 December 2019 20:36

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Lars Sullivan is the gift that keeps on giving with wrestling controversy. First people uncovered his past on an old body building forum, where he made numerous racist and homophobic comments. It should be noted that the nature of the forum was like that, things seemed to generally be quite mean spirited. People would address Lars as 'a more ugly Shrek' for example. This doesn't make his past comments any more acceptable, but context is important on the internet.

WWE Talent Lars Sullivan Porn Past Unearthed

Different communities have different cultures when it comes to behavior that is deemed acceptable. What Happened To Lars Sullivan? But what was discovered today today was that Lars Sullivan appeared in at-least one gay porn video from the early 2010's. Its clear how it was uncovered, and it quickly made waves due to how controversial Lars as an individual is in online wrestling communities. Upon some quick research and searching the dark corners of the internet, I was able to verify it was in fact Lars in the videos. Maybe he has a twin or a very close doppelganger, but it's more likely it was him. He used the stage name Mitch Bennett and worked for RandyBlue productions. I won't link the video or go into details, but it's on the internet forever, so if you are truly curious, it will be on you to track it down. How Could This Impact His Career? What this could mean for his career is unclear, he is currently training for a return to the ring, and this controversy won't help the situation. He debuted later than expected on the WWE main roster due to anxiety about the backlash from his online comments being unearthed. Rumors dictate he was set for a Wrestlemania program with John Cena, but that got shelved. It must be noted that future two time hall of famer X-Pac also stared in some porn with Chyna back in the day. It isn't exactly a death sentence for this type of news to come out. He was also part of the Kliq though, which is also a factor. Lars doesn't have as much backstage pull as Sean Waltman would. Whats done is done, and this can't be hidden at this point. We will have to wait on the fallout, and see how it effects Lars going forward. There is nothing wrong with being gay, live your life how you want to. But to have a history of homophobia and have this news come out, its pretty ironic is all. What are your thoughts on this situation as a whole, and do you think it'll have much impact on Lars and his WWE career? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more wrestling news here on The Overtimer.