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Microsoft has launched two brand new Xbox consoles: the Xbox Series X and a smaller Series S. The Series X is Microsoft's main, heavyweight, contender in the oncoming console battle against Sony - which launched its PlayStation 5 on 19 November, in the UK. It has been seven years since the Xbox One was released, and the gaming world has changed quite a bit since the last console war between the two gaming giants. Let us know in the comments which console you're excited about, or do you think things like the Nintendo Switch or mobile gaming is better? How do its TWO new consoles compare when it comes to price, power, and appearance, She said spending a couple of days playing on these consoles before they're released was a tough job, but she was willing to give it a go for you, the Newsround audience.

xbox series x

Appearance - Some people have compared it to a fridge, and others a speaker, but the overall look of the new console it is quite different to previous generations. But, it's not too different to the price of the last console Microsoft released. The one thing Microsoft and Sony do agree on is price - the new PlayStation 5 will launch at the same £449.99 price. Play - At launch there will be 30 games which have been optimised for the Series X and S - which means they'll supposedly be fast to play, and will be in the highest quality you'll find on a console. This means you'll be able to play games from their previous two consoles, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft is also going big on its Netflix-like subscription service Game Pass.

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Performance - Makers Microsoft is saying the Series X is the most powerful console on the market - with some of the best graphics and performance. The Xbox One X currently runs at six teraflops of GPU performance and the new console will run on 12 teraflops. Alex's Final Thoughts - "Microsoft has worked hard to make your gaming experience better with the Series X - and I do feel like I'm really in the game more on this console. To give you an idea of what that is like, an Xbox game case is about 17cm high, 13 cm wide and just over 1cm deep. Power - Alex explains this best: "It is still a next gen console, and has a lot of the same technology inside.

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The S's storage is a bit smaller than the Series X, with only 512GB - compared to 1TB - to keep your games on, so are you going to fill your console up quickly? Play - As with the Series X, there aren't that many new games to show off the full power of the new console. Performance - The S is very fast, despite not being the main console from Microsoft. Alex's Final Thoughts - "After hours of playing on these, the main difference I noticed from the Xbox One and PS4 is the faster load times - the quick resume feature is pretty cool. Customers of BT's UK broadband or EE's Pay Monthly mobile packages have today also gained the "chance" (stock allowing) to purchase Microsoft's latest Xbox Series X or Series S video game console, plus a range of games and accessories, directly from the operator.

The new console, which launches today, can be purchased by BT's broadband customers through their MyBT account. Apparently, this all forms part of BT's "ongoing commitment to bring the best gaming experiences to customers," although aside from EE's instalments plan it doesn't look as if there will be much difference between buying from BT or EE and just going to any other retailer (assuming it's still in-stock at those). By working with console manufacturers such as Microsoft, we're helping support gamers so they can ensure they're getting the very most from their gaming experience". End. Click here to refresh the page and get the very latest updates on where to buy Xbox Series X as soon as stock information comes in. Xbox Series X launch day is here - and while you were able to buy Xbox Series X at Microsoft at midnight, retailers were set to go live at 8am today. If you're wondering where to buy Xbox Series X, you're not alone, and this page has all the information you'll need. Microsoft led the charge before release day had even officially kicked off, with the option to buy Xbox Series X well ahead of the scheduled time. We've seen Very, John Lewis and Asda taking their first steps this morning, and we're keeping you updated on where to find more Xbox Series X stock just below. Xbox Series S: £249 at Microsoft You'll find the Xbox Series S available at Microsoft right now. We're not seeing much Xbox Series X stock available right now, but keep trying the retailers below as you never know when more stock will appear. Whether you're looking for the full experience in the £449 Series X or the cheaper £249 Series S, we're expecting plenty more stock to follow, and showing you exactly where to buy Xbox Series X right now. Where to buy Xbox Series X in the US If you're looking to buy Xbox Series X in the US, you've got a little while to wait before stock starts landing. Amazon ran out of Xbox Series X stock incredibly quickly during the initial pre-order launch. Best Buy is expected to have Xbox Series X stock available from day one, with gates opening at midday tomorrow. Microsoft also ran out of its own pre-orders quickly last time around, but if you're looking to buy Xbox Series X through the All Access scheme this is your best bet. Not many are going to be heading to B&H Photo to buy the Xbox Series X tomorrow, so you might have an inside lane here. Be quick though, as it's likely this particular retailer will have less stock to play with on the big day. Newegg hasn't announced much of its day-one plans for Xbox Series X, and pre-orders were limited. However, Microsoft has named the retailer as one carrying day-one stock, which means you'll want to keep an eye out here as well. Walmart's pre-order stock was snapped up in seconds earlier this year, which means you're going to have to fight if you're looking to buy Xbox Series X here tomorrow. Today's best Xbox Series X deals Xbox Series X Microsoft US $499.99 View Deal View Similar Amazon US Amazon No price information Check Amazon Get the best Microsoft Xbox Series X deals before anyone else! We'll send you pre-order details and the best Microsoft Xbox Series X deals as soon as they're available. The launch comes just over a week before rivals Sony release their own new console, the PlayStation 5, with both video game giants promising their most powerful systems, complete with major upgrades on current consoles. James Butcher, head of Xbox UK, said the flagship Series X offers "the best console experience we've been able to deliver so far" thanks to significant internal hardware upgrades which mean the new console is faster and more powerful, as well as able to handle higher-quality graphics than ever before. "Really the Series X is for the gamer who wants the ultimate gaming experience – the most immersive with the highest graphical fidelity on the world's most powerful console," he told the PA news agency. In contrast, the Xbox Series S is the smallest console the company has ever made and comes without a disk-drive, instead relying on digital delivery for games and other entertainment content. "I think with Series S it is more about consumer choice and making gaming accessible. It's a digital console and it carries the same next-gen features but at a slightly lower graphical resolution," he said. Mr Butcher said the company's aim was "enabling you, the gamer, to play the games you want with the people you want on the devices you want" and with the launch of these two consoles "this is the year where that vision becomes a reality". Early reviews have hailed the new consoles for the speed at which games load and launch compared with existing devices, while the introduction of technology such as ray-tracing, which enables games to better realistically mimic lighting, have also impressed. Mr Butcher said it was these aspects that he expected users to notice after unboxing the new tech for the first time.

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