27 March 2020 06:40

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  • Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is releasing in late May, as confirmed during today's Nintendo Direct Mini.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is releasing in late May, as confirmed during today's Nintendo Direct Mini.

Nintendo Direct Mini round-up: All of the new games heading to Switch

Featuring a varied collection of games both new and new on Switch, along with a peppering of fresh announcements and updates to existing titles, it seems to have gone down relatively well from what we've seen online. At the very least today's surprise video was a release for the pent up anticipation Nintendo fans have had buzzing inside them since the clock struck midnight on 31st December last year. Yes, we've had a Pokémon Direct, the Smash Bros 5th Fighter reveal, the Animal Crossing Direct along with last week's Nintendo Indie World Showcase, but we hadn't really had the full-fat, honest-to-goodness, direct-to-us Nintendo Direct we'd been waiting for. There was plenty of great stuff to chew in the half-hour video, that's for sure, with confirmation that Xenoblade Chonicles: Definitive Edition will be launching on Switch in May, the announcement of an as-yet-unnamed ARMS character joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC fighter in June, and a bunch of smaller updates, demos, rumoured releases and "available now"s announced.

Games like Catherine: Full Body, Burnout Paradise Remastered (hello EA!) and 2K's triplet of offerings in the form of XCOM 2, Bioshock: The Collection and the Borderlands Legendary Collection are all exciting additions to Switch's diverse library, although this Direct lacked the true bombshell announcements some might have hoped for. There were no Wii U ports, either, and despite plenty for Switch owners to be excited about in the short-term, Nintendo's first-party slate is looking almost as blank as it was before the broadcast. Nintendo's surprise drop and branding of this Direct as a 'Mini' was a good move, especially as other companies seem to be struggling when it comes to managing expectations. Nintendo has plans, of course, although perhaps due to the uncertainty surrounding the coming months the company wasn't ready to commit to its next brand-new release just yet. There was loads of good stuff announced today and we want to hear your most anticipated games and what you liked best from this Nintendo Direct Mini.

Let us know below what you thought about the Nintendo Direct Mini with a comment in the usual place. New screenshots and videos have been released for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will feature a remastered soundtrack, and a new video put together by Nintendo Everything showcases some of the remastered tracks as well as brand new music that will be heard in the new epilogue story. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is releasing in late May, as confirmed during today's Nintendo Direct Mini. The original Xenoblade Chronicles game, which marked the debut of fan-favorite character Shulk, comes to Nintendo Switch with a new epilogue story, Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected.

Experience the majesty of the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition game when it launches for Nintendo Switch on May 29. The game has been originally released on Nintendo Wii before getting a Nintendo New 3DS port. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition launches on Nintendo Switch on May 29th worldwide. Nintendo Direct Mini round-up: All of the new games heading to Switch Earlier today, Nintendo published a surprise Direct Mini to YouTube, giving us a look at games that will be heading to Switch throughout the rest of the year. Nintendo also confirmed that the first part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass, The Isle of Armor, will be launching in June, so that'll be a busy month for first-party Switch games.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, on the other hand, is getting a third expansion pass pack that includes the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom, while Ring Fit Adventure has received a new update that adds a rhythm game featuring a number of tracks from Nintendo's other Switch games. While there was a good amount of attention given to Nintendo's own games, there were release dates announced for plenty of others. So, for something designated as a Nintendo Direct Mini, that's a pretty densely packed list of games. May 29th in particular seems like it's going to be a big day for Switch owners, with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition launching alongside three big releases from 2K Games. They're the sorts of games perfect for pick-up-and-go handheld play, which is why I was so excited at the first reveal of Bravely Default II late last year.

The great news is, based on what I've played of the demo, everything I loved about Bravely Default and Bravely Second have made their way to Switch, and even some of what I loved about Octopath Traveler is here, too.The real draw for me of the Bravely Default series lies in its battle system. I haven't come across any major changes to its systems in the demo, but that's fine because it's like an old familiar blanket on a cold winter's night.The best way I can describe the art style of Bravely Default II is to say it's like someone tilt-shifted a watercolor painting. A surprise Nintendo Direct Mini just aired, and we learned about new game releases and updates for titles available now on Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting an April event and update with Bunny Day, which will run April 1-12. Alongside this announcement comes a free trial of Arms: Nintendo Switch Online members can play the springy fighting game from now through April 6th at no cost. Also out today is a Bravely Default 2 demo--the full game is still slated for a 2020 release date.