31 October 2019 18:32

You can watch the video below, via Hart’s personal Instagram account.

Kevin Hart posted a heartfelt video to his Instagram account detailing the recovery process he has undergone since being involved in a terrifying car accident at the beginning of September. In the 2-minute video, the actor/comedian shares some of his painful ordeal as he begins physical therapy, and describes how the experience has changed the way he approaches his career and his personal life. Hart was one of two passengers in a car being driven by actor Jared S. Black when Black lost control of the vehicle and rolled it into a ditch off the side of Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles. Hart suffered major injuries to his spine and had to have surgery to fuse several fractured vertebrae.

Kevin Hart Shares Video of His Accident Recovery on Instagram

Black and the other passenger, his fiance Rebecca Broxterman, were also injured and are recovering. Hart opens his Instagram video with news broadcast footage of the aftermath of the accident, focusing on the brutally twisted wreckage of the car, Hart's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. What follows is a montage of his slow recovery from the hospital, being helped out of bed on shaky legs into a walker by two nurses and returning home to start physical therapy in his personal gym. Hart narrates the entire video, beginning with the words "No matter how much you think you're in control, you're not in control." The comedian repeatedly expresses his love and gratitude for God, his family, his friends, and his fans as he shares images of his recovery. It hurts to watch the normally frenetic Hart making delicate, deliberate movements while locked in a back brace, but he remains positive, and his slow-but-steady progress is evident and undeniably hopeful. Everyone at Collider wishes him a speedy recovery. You can watch the video below, via Hart's personal Instagram account.